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  • ChemFaces is located at, S5-3 Building, No. 111, Dongfeng Rd., Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Wuhan, Hubei 430056, PRC. Be service to scientific research. It is an professional company with high-end scientific research. It is mainly engaged in the separation and purification of the Natural Products, the extraction of the plant active ingredient, the technology support of the plant development and the sales of the relevant products.

    The research & development team and marketing & trade team are led by the managers with global horizon. The main part of the research & development team is composed of professors, doctoral supervisors, associate professors, lecturers and doctoral students, which is supplemented by postgraduates and excellent undergraduates. The team composed of more than 20 staffs has rich experience in research & development. It can provide scientific research institution and relevant enterprises with high-standard and professional individualized scientific research service. Our company possesses a 300 m2 research and development lab and a 500 m2 production lab which can satisfy all kinds of order requirements and ensure timely delivery. The marketing and trade team has created success for company by well network operation, multi-channel sales strategies and its foresight and sagacity. It has developed a new marketing mode for the natural product. Our company possesses the self-import and export rights, which makes it possible for us to supply fast service for the global scientific research.

    Your requirements are what we are oriented at and your satisfaction is the objective we pursue!
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  • That is the reason why we can react quickly to your demands, if you a scientist to find the right products. and if you a distributor increase your liquidity and support your sales. It is as simple as that.